What Has Been Going On With Saudi Arabia Over The Weekend Of 11/4/17

Gronda Morin

Image result for images of prince mohammed bin salman CROWN PRINCE MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN

What has been happening in Saudi Arabia over the weekend of November 4, 2017 makes “Game of Thrones” look like a Sunday picnic. To say that the favored Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has been busy consolidating power would be a major understatement. Serious potential contenders for the crown prince’s planned ascendancy to the throne of the King found themselves killed in an helicopter crash on Sunday (11/5/17.) Other possible rivals were removed from important posts and many others were arrested and confined to the local Ritz-Carlton Hotel. I wonder if they are allowed to order room service?

No one is certain as to why these moves were executed within a couple of days, The rumors have it, that there may have been a coup in the works which needed to be squashed.

Image result for images of prince mohammed bin salman

What I find interesting is that the republican President Donald Trump’s Senior…

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