Dreamer’s World November 01, 2017 – A New Beginning

    Today is November the 1st, and along with the beginning of a new month, it also marks the beginning of a new diabetes regimen for me. I woke up this morning somewhat cranky because the main med will now be taken in the morning rather than the evening before. The new routine will require some adjustment to my morning schedule, but I will manage it. I set a timer to remind me when to check my BG for the new routine after a breakfast of turkey bacon and oatmeal, which was delicious.

    Due to the rundown and cranky feeling this morning I did not travel to the clients’ office. I notified them via email that I wasn’t feeling well, and since I am there almost every week, I never have any problems with them if I cannot make it once in a while. Staying home to work in the morning also gives me more time to get other things done without feeling rushed. With the cold weather, I didn’t feel like hanging around waiting on the bus today. I am sure that next Wednesday I will be making the weekly trip once again.

    I was happy to receive several emails from the client about my absence, wishing me well. It is nice to know that I am appreciated by those with whom I work. I always give my best effort for the company and client, and that knowledge makes me content because I love my job. Hearing from those people makes me feel that I am still part of the team although I do work remotely.

    A new month means a new beginning in other ways as well. I wrote yesterday about the power of words. I will try to take my own advice and not use words lightly because of the power that they possess. It takes only a moment to say something wrong, followed by a lifetime of regret for saying it. Writing makes this even more important because it is impossible to deny what I have written for everyone to see. I think that this is a lesson for everyone who writes. I don’t want to feel regret over something that I know should not be written down or said. I know that I have erred in the past, but that is no reason not to want to be a better person now and in the future. That is the beauty of a new beginning.

    The workday turned into an adventure as the reaction to the new medicine kicked in. I was constantly on the verge of falling asleep throughout the day. Eventually, I took a nap after work and felt better. Hal decided that we weren’t going anywhere and that was fine with me. I didn’t feel like cooking and decided to order Chinese food to be delivered. I wonder if the new medicine will allow me to sleep better tonight? Since this is the first day, the dosage is low, and I will adjust it in a few days after the adjustment.

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