Dreamer’s World October 31, 2017 – Trick Or Treat

    Today is Halloween, the day when we all should take the time to act like little kids. We should dress up and go out and do all the things we secretly want to do without life interfering. Sadly, most of us have to work and then find a little time afterward to do any of those things. I remember the Charlie Brown TV special where he always gets rocks while the other kids get candy. The concept of trick or treat is usually an idle threat, with everyone getting a treat rather than getting tricked. Halloween also marks the end of October and signals the approach of November. Regardless of the calendar, it always seems like Winter rather than Fall at this time of the year.

    I slept right through my alarm this morning, but I still feel like garbage. If I didn’t work from home, this would be a day that I would call in sick. I just have a totally worn-out feeling that is probably a result of insomnia I suffered through recently. I will make sure that I take Hal anywhere he needs to go immediately after work and then get back here to try and rest this evening. It is entirely possible that I will let the client know that I won’t be traveling to meet with them tomorrow if I don’t feel better. That decision will be made in the morning.

    For the day at work, I will get everything done that I possibly can. I feel this Halloween I got the rocks like Charlie Brown, but the key to life is to persevere and move forward regardless what happens. Halloween is just a day at random, after all. I hope that my readers will get nothing but treats all day long.

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