Dreamer’s World October 26, 2017 – Happiness Is Knowing You Are Capable Of Love And That Someone Loved You In Return

    Thursday is here, and I was at a loss for a topic until I in with Snoopy and The Gang again this morning. The answer is right in front of me, and that is the quote “Happiness Is.”

    While the card for today isn’t quite what I had in mind because Hal and I don’t really play games that often, the basic premise of finding happiness is really important. I have discovered that “Happiness Is” the key to life and making it worth living. It is the little things like talking with each other that make life special. Sitting together and watching The Stooges is priceless, even if we don’t say a word. The comfort and familiarity that Hal and I share are noticeable when people see us together. We have received compliments from total strangers who see us.

    This blissful situation didn’t magically appear overnight. We have always put effort into our relationship, especially in the beginning, to make it as healthy as possible. We both understood that things change over time and that we had to make something that would endure. We each have gone through family crises and financial turmoil. We have each changed careers, and we have moved numerous times, but we have always dealt with those issues together. We keep the focus on how these issues will affect us.

    We have stayed happy by removing people from our life who made us uncomfortable or tried to involve us in their own petty drama. This has earned us a reputation of being aloof and arrogant from people who remain unhappy, bitter and alone to this day. Our life is better off without them in it. I suppose that, in a way, this has been a game that we played together, but removing toxic people from our life wasn’t done maliciously, it was by necessity.

    And so, I say that “Happiness Is” finding that special someone for whom you would do anything, and knowing that they would do anything for you.

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