Dreamer’s World October 24, 2017 – Jazz On A Rainy Morning

    I love music, I always have. There is something so beautiful about listening to smooth Jazz on a rainy morning at work. My agenda is full, but not overburdened, so I can let myself drift away on the sounds as I do what I have to this morning. I am grateful that the rain fell overnight because my allergies get some relief, and through that, my blood glucose also has stabilized. Through the years I have learned that when my allergies act up that my BG also reacts. Every year during the fall I experience times when the BG is tough to control. When the rain comes, everything gets better because it washes the crap out of the air.

    Jazz is one of my favorite genres of music because I can almost feel what the artist is trying to say through their music. I always get a chuckle when I watch “The Simpsons,” and they rip on Lisa for liking Jazz so much because I understand where she is coming from. Music was intended to stir our emotions, and Jazz does that for me in such a relaxing way.

    I am very fortunate to be able to relax like this. For a long time, I was always on edge because of a myriad of issues in my life. There was always money and loneliness to deal with, but those things are under control now. I was probably depressed without being diagnosed. Then I found my way to happiness in small steps.

    First of all, I met Hal, and we are still together nearly 18 years later. As my life calmed down with him, the other issues such as money began to subside. The Stooges came along in their various incarnations when one of them passed away, we always found another cat with their own unique personality. We have them as an anchor in our relationship, and that helps both Hal (person) and myself to cope with whatever life has in store for us.

    We all need some stability in our lives. It allows us to relax and find happiness when we need it the most. It probably sounds weird to some, but when I listen to Jazz on a rainy morning, I always feel happy.

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