Dreamer’s World October 21, 2017


    What was supposed to be a typical Saturday around here has suddenly become complicated. I took Hal to work this morning, and on the way, he told me that the woman who wants to buy his car wants to shift the purchase and transfer to today. Initially, things had been scheduled to start tomorrow with her looking at the car and taking custody, but now things have changed, and since Hal is at work, I am left to find all the items needed to get things moving.

    The first thing I had to do was to locate Hal’s spare set of keys so I can drive his car to pick him up this afternoon. The woman who will be buying the car works with Hal, so I suppose that the arrangement will consist of picking them both up and then letting her and Hal work out all of the details. This puts me at the mercy of their timeline this afternoon and evening, and I don’t really like that.

Back in August of this year, Hal was notified in writing by the Commonwealth of Virginia that his driver’s license was being revoked. The reason behind this decision was never really clear. Hal has glaucoma, and his vision necessitated that he only drive during daylight hours. He had his annual vision check, and nothing had changed. That made the decision to revoke his license somewhat unsettling, but it was something that we had been preparing for, just not for it to happen so soon. Ever since then, I have been the driver for Hal as well as myself, and we have not had any difficulty.

This situation also presented Hal with the question of what to do with his car. He decided that he would sell it. First, he contacted members of his family, but none of them showed sufficient interest. He thought about putting a listing for the car online but decided that he didn’t want to be bothered with too many people calling and then not following through. Eventually, Hal found a coworker that wanted to buy his car, and that is where things stand right now.

I will drive Hal’s car to pick him up after work this afternoon. Whatever happens at that time will be out of my control, but I will make the strong suggestion that I drive back home so Hal and his coworker can then take care of their business without me hanging around since I have nothing to do with the transaction. I hope that this will be something that Hal and his coworker can agree to because I honestly don’t want to be hanging around for hours and nothing to do in the meantime.

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