Viciously Attacked by White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Deandre Harris is Now Facing Felony Assault Charges for Being Beaten

United States Hypocrisy

In a further sign of the heightened racist climate that has swept the nation, Deandre Harris – who was brutally assaulted on video for all the world to see by white supremacists holding a rally in Charlottesville, Virgina in August – has been ludicrously charged with the “unlawful wounding” of his attackers! The pictures and videos don’t lie. Deandre Harris was the one who was assaulted by a mob of nazis and left for dead as police officers did nothing and only arrested his attackers after a social media campaign led by Shaun King forced their hand.

How is it possible that Harris is being charged by a magistrate with what was done TO him? Unlike the pictures and video, white supremacists (including those in law enforcement) do lie. The charge is being brought against him based on the word of one white supremacist named Harold Ray Crews who claims…

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