Dreamer’s World October 13, 2017 – No Time For Superstition

    The weekend is nearly here. The calendar says it is Friday the 13th, but I don’t care at all. I am not superstitious if anything wrong happens today it doesn’t mean that there are supernatural powers at work around sometime after work. The day is cool and cloudy, but that won’t stop me from enjoying the day and especially the time to spend with Hal and The Stooges after work.

    Right now, the only plans that we have are to stop by Hal’s work and pick up something that he accidentally left there earlier in the week. After that, we will probably get some groceries and then head back home. I know, lots of excitement around here, but it suits us. We enjoy being with each other, and nothing beats having time together no matter what the calendar says or what the weather is like.

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