Dreamer’s World October 12, 2017 – Seriously Thinking About Taking A Day Off Soon


        As the day starts here at work, I find myself thinking about how glad I am that this short week is almost over with. I am tired from all of the extra crap that I knew was going to happen with other people attempting to cram 5 days worth of work into 4 days because they cannot accept a holiday when it occurs.

        I checked my timesheet and see that I have some extra time that I can use to take a day here and there. The temptation is overwhelming to do so, but I already submitted the timesheet to cover this week and I hate going through the hassle to change it. I think that I will schedule a day off (or two) in the near future because I feel the need for a mental health day building up.

        I will have to check the calendar for the next few weeks and see what time will work best for me. I don’t have any preference other than to get away for a little while and allow myself to relax.

        Hal The Cat decided that he wanted to get his new box back after I had stored it in a corner. He managed to pull the box out of the corner and was making all sorts of noise about opening it.


        Finally, in order to stop the noise and meowing, I put the box onto the bed and opened it. Now Hal The Cat is happy, and that makes me happy as well.


        Keeping Hal The Cat happy is very important to me since he spends most of the day here watching me as I write and work. I don't mind at all because he is a great companion. Occasionally he will voice his opinion during a conference call, and by now most people I talk with regularly know his voice when they hear it. This usually prompts people to ask him how he is doing so they can hear him talk even more. Hal The Cat always has something important to say.

        Obviously, Hal The Cat has taken me away from my original topic and that is taking some time away from work to relax. Purrrhaps Hal The Cat is simply showing me how relaxing should be done because he probably understands everything that I am writing.

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