Dreamer’s World October 02, 2017 – “Happiness Is”

    Every day, I take a picture of Snoopy and The Gang to put into a blog post. Somedays I just never get around to writing a post, and there are other days when I just cannot stand what I have written. I always try to start each day with a clear mind and not to let the previous day intrude into the post I am writing. A day like today makes that impossible.

    Snoopy and The Gang are always focused on the theme “Happiness Is.” I cannot find any real happiness this morning as I woke up to the news of the terrorist attack in Las Vegas last night. Time after time, we watch these events unfold and listen to the same tired old responses. Sadly, nothing is ever actually done about the cause of this senseless violence. We are being exploited by those in charge for purely political purposes with these tragedies.

    How does someone walk into a hotel carrying an arsenal of weapons with them? Are there no metal detectors or chemical sensors available that could have detected this? I am sure that there are, but our so-called leaders lack the political courage to do the right thing and implement these measures. Why? Because there is a large and very-well funded terrorist organization that prefers that Americans always be at the mercy of an individual with access to firearms and always holding some type of grudge against someone or something.

    I am talking about the NRA, America’s own domestic terrorist organization. The NRA, which bribes elected representatives to enact so-called “open carry” legislation that places the population at risk so lunatics can carry weapons with them at all times. These terrorists are aided and abetted by the RWNJ lunatics who claim to be pro-life, yet they enable monsters like the one in Las Vegas to kill innocent people. That shows the hypocrisy of their statements. If having a gun is more important than the lives of others, then that is simply WRONG.

    Every time something like the Las Vegas terrorist attack happens, the media always wants to pretend it is a foreign terrorist attack. They do this at the command of the NRA to stir up fear. Whenever the media has to finally admit that the terrorist is an American with a gun, a grudge, and no compassion or common sense, the damage has already been done. Listen to the media spout the NRA terrorist talking points. Instant solutions for the problem that doesn’t exist in this case. Build a wall. Enact a travel ban. Imply that all Muslims are terrorists. All of these fake problems can be cured by the simple solution of being stupid and gullible, and that is exactly what the NRA counts on.

    The solution for the real problem is stricter control of firearms in this country, period. And yet, this is never seriously addressed because enacting stricter firearms control is precisely what the NRA is against. I would like to know how someone could transport an arsenal into a hotel without arousing suspicion. Where are the metal detectors? There are chemical sensors that could have identified explosives/gunpowder. These measures placed at each entrance to the hotel would have saved lives, but that is hindsight, and hindsight is always plentiful after a tragedy.

    I have lost my faith in humanity. There is no god out there to protect us. If things are to change, we have to BE THE CHANGE OURSELVES!

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