Sound The Alarm! US Senate Republicans Trying To Immunize Wells Fargo, Equifax From Lawsuits

Gronda Morin

With the US Senate’s republicans’ recent failure over their several attempts to pass their “repeal and replace” Obamacare healthcare bills while providing tax savings for the wealthy, they are not hard at work in their attempts to roll back a July (2017) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rule that protects consumers from being denied their day in court. This rule bans most types of mandatory arbitration clauses that have become standard on the multi page contracts that consumers have been forced to sign.

The timing of this maneuver just happens to planned for a week before Wells Fargo and Equifax executives are supposed to testify in court. Both these financial companies have done real harm to their consumers in the form of gross negligence to creating fraudulent accounts.

Image result for photos of an equifax building

We the People need to fight back the republican US senators who are planning to enforce these financial companies’ demand that all…

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