Dreamer’s World September 25, 2017 – Building A Better Dreamer

    The effort to reconstruct my life is ongoing. I managed to make it through the weekend without being glued to the TV, even for sports, and this is a significant milestone for me. There is so much more to life than sitting in front of the boob tube. I haven’t done nearly as much as I wanted to, but it is a start. The main lesson I have learned is that reconstructing my life will not be as easy as I had hoped.

    The first priority has to be getting myself into better shape, that is, not pear-shaped. If I can manage to get started with an exercise program and not try to do too much right away, I should be OK. The obstacle is the discipline needed to start. I have to will myself to set aside the time to exercise and then make it a part of my daily routine. After that, things will improve quickly.

    The best opportunity is this afternoon after I take Hal to work. I will have several hours to get started, perhaps a nice long walk to get my body moving. There are plenty of people I see walking around the neighborhood, so I am not alone in my desire to get into better shape. I don’t think that I need to hit the weights or the gym right away, that can happen once I get into the routine of setting the time aside for myself and getting off my ass to exercise.

    So far, I have focused on the physical aspects of reconstructing my life. The emotional aspect cannot be neglected because it is just as important. Writing is a big part of this change. If I can document my progress, it will make it more pleasant for me, and it will also give me the inspiration to move forward. The mental aspect of this will really determine how successful I will be.

    I want to say that there is nothing wrong with my life. I am happy and content, but I think that is part of the problem. I need something to strive for to break me out of the comfort zone and broaden my horizons while shrinking my waistline.

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