Dreamer’s World September 07, 2017 – Instilling Calm

    With the world in endless crisis mode, it’s hard to find the calm and inner peace that I need. Whether it is a NAZI in the White House, nuclear weapons in North Korea, or hurricanes devastating coastlines, sometimes it just seems to be too much to process for any individual. At times like this, the TV stays OFF, and I restrict the amount of information that I allow myself to process.

The anger at the political situation, the unease over the nuclear issue, and the sadness and concern for the people affected by the hurricanes can overwhelm us at times. It sounds cold and harsh, but we have to decide to stop listening and watching for awhile. Personally, I need an environment where I can relax and NOT think about those things for a period. No amount of concern from me will change any of those situations instantly, to let them consume me is illogical and dangerous, because it affects my judgment in my everyday life.

I want to get outside and take a nice long walk to get away from the issues. I want to write about something other than how I try to get away from the issues; I want to purge these matters from my mind. I have things that I need to focus on here and now. I have work to keep me occupied for the day. I have Hal and The Stooges to think about after that. I have the upcoming weekend to discover.

I know that emotionally it’s hard to let things go. It requires concentration and effort. Our human nature wants to see things and collect information, but we overload far too easily, and then our attention is worthless.

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