Dreamer’s World September 06, 2017 – Back To The Normal Work Routine

    I knew that this day would arrive. I had to get up early to start work once again. The only thing that makes this different from a regular working Wednesday is that I am not traveling to the client’s office this morning. I have earned enough cache’ to be able to skip a week now and then without having any lasting repercussions. Honestly, I just didn’t want to get out into the traffic with rain falling to make the trip. I will be making that trip next Wednesday anyway.

    I feel refreshed after my time away from work. In hindsight, it was best that we didn’t plan anything for the time off because that always turns into a hassle and leaves me more tired than when vacation starts. I did what I needed to do, and I got more rest over the last five days, and that is what I needed. All I have to do now is endure this short week, and then I can recharge again over the weekend.

    I have been following the news through my usual alternate channels over the last few weeks. I remain disappointed with the NAZI in the White House, but not surprised. With the hurricanes and North Korea, it is enough to make one want just to give up, but I remain convinced that we can do better once the NAZI is gone. I feel terrible for the people who have been affected by the hurricane in Texas, and for those who are being affected by Irma. Hearing and seeing things like that make me glad that I have never wanted to live anywhere like Texas or Florida. I have on desire to live at or near the ocean, especially in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes. I hope that somehow, Irma swerves away from land and misses everyone. I know that this is naïve, but I don’t want to see anyone harmed or killed. Stay safe if you are in the path of this storm.

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