Dreamer’s World September 05, 2017 – Last Day of My Staycation

    Today marks the last day of my “staycation.” I am sad to think that I must go back to work tomorrow morning, but at the same time, I find myself wondering where the time went over the last several days. I guess that I regretted not doing more when I had the chance, but I needed the extra rest that I got over that time. I am thinking about any last-minute things to do on this last day away from work. I don’t know that anything will happen, I will just let things play themselves out.

    I know that I needed the break from everything. My writing took a hit since I deliberately wanted to get out of my routine. One thing that I have already decided is that I will not travel tomorrow morning to the clients’ offices. I go there almost every single week, and I do deserve a break from that to catch up on things in the morning. I will send them an email tomorrow morning informing them of my decision and letting them know that I will see them next week.

    The only real downside to the staycation was that Hal still had to work. We made time for each other regardless, and I would not change the time we had together at all. I enjoyed sleeping in late and not having to stress about other people on the job. I needed that break from things to clear my mind and to restore my sanity.

    I have been careful to monitor how much I let the outside world intrude over the last few days. The latest round of chaos wasn’t affected by my lack of attention; I am sure of that.

    And so, as I listen to some Jazz this morning, I am mentally preparing myself for the end of staycation. I will make sure to arrange another staycation soon.

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