France Will Phase Out Glyphosate Weedkiller By 2022

Openhearted Rebellion

By Heather Callaghan, Natural Blaze

Yesterday the French government announced a 2022 deadline to phase out the use of glyphosate – the active ingredient to herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup. Roundup is the world’s best-selling herbicide and is used agriculturally, industrially and even on individual lawns everywhere.

While many outlets are reporting an outright French ban on glyphosate, the truth is that the country has “rowed back” on its original intention to ban the herbicide.

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After Russian-linked ads, put social media under the microscope

Rise Up Times

 The problem may seem insurmountable. But the truth is that many of the same technologies that have made it easier for foreign governments to covertly interfere in American elections can be used to create more transparency and accountability in American elections.

 By Ian Vandewalker and Lawrence Norden, Opinion Contributors, The Hill
September 26, 2017

After Russian-linked ads, put social media under the microscope
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What happens to American democracy when we don’t know who is behind political advertisements and messages? When not only the speakers, but even advertisements and political messages themselves, are hidden from most voters and the press?

Reformers have long argued that this kind of secrecy is a threat to democracy, giving wealthy special interests an ability to gain corrupt favor with politicians. The 2016 election revealed another peril. Foreign interference in American elections through secret, targeted and misleading messages and campaign advertisements in social media threatens the long-standing principle of popular sovereignty through democratic…

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Sound The Alarm! US Senate Republicans Trying To Immunize Wells Fargo, Equifax From Lawsuits

Gronda Morin

With the US Senate’s republicans’ recent failure over their several attempts to pass their “repeal and replace” Obamacare healthcare bills while providing tax savings for the wealthy, they are not hard at work in their attempts to roll back a July (2017) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rule that protects consumers from being denied their day in court. This rule bans most types of mandatory arbitration clauses that have become standard on the multi page contracts that consumers have been forced to sign.

The timing of this maneuver just happens to planned for a week before Wells Fargo and Equifax executives are supposed to testify in court. Both these financial companies have done real harm to their consumers in the form of gross negligence to creating fraudulent accounts.

Image result for photos of an equifax building

We the People need to fight back the republican US senators who are planning to enforce these financial companies’ demand that all…

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Dreamer’s World September 28, 2017 – The Final Sprint To The Weekend

    Thursday has arrived, and with it, I can see the weekend looing in the not too distant future. Although today will be extremely busy, I will survive and succeed. In addition to my weekly meeting that I host, I also have to work on a new project for next week, which also has a pre-briefing tomorrow. I also have to take Hal (person) to his dental appointment this morning. Thankfully, his dentist office is not that far away from the apartment, and he will probably walk back since I will be in my meeting when he finishes. This error in planning came from Hal making the appointment without consulting me first, but it is part of learning to deal with him no longer being able to drive and having to depend on me to get him everywhere. I told him to check with me before he makes appointments in the future.

    I also have another important meeting today about yet another project that I am working on right now. This project started about a month ago and is well underway. I believe that this will be very successful to the company and client when it is completed by the end of this year. Like all of the projects I am currently juggling, this one involves tons of writing, it makes me wonder if someone with the company has read this blog and decided to give me plenty of writing to keep me happy?

    Once the day at work is over, I have my own appointment with the chiropractor and acupuncturist early this evening. I am really looking forward to this time for myself, and I hope that it will relax me and let me get some terrific sleep before Friday. That is the plan, at least.

Dreamer’s World September 25, 2017 – Building A Better Dreamer

    The effort to reconstruct my life is ongoing. I managed to make it through the weekend without being glued to the TV, even for sports, and this is a significant milestone for me. There is so much more to life than sitting in front of the boob tube. I haven’t done nearly as much as I wanted to, but it is a start. The main lesson I have learned is that reconstructing my life will not be as easy as I had hoped.

    The first priority has to be getting myself into better shape, that is, not pear-shaped. If I can manage to get started with an exercise program and not try to do too much right away, I should be OK. The obstacle is the discipline needed to start. I have to will myself to set aside the time to exercise and then make it a part of my daily routine. After that, things will improve quickly.

    The best opportunity is this afternoon after I take Hal to work. I will have several hours to get started, perhaps a nice long walk to get my body moving. There are plenty of people I see walking around the neighborhood, so I am not alone in my desire to get into better shape. I don’t think that I need to hit the weights or the gym right away, that can happen once I get into the routine of setting the time aside for myself and getting off my ass to exercise.

    So far, I have focused on the physical aspects of reconstructing my life. The emotional aspect cannot be neglected because it is just as important. Writing is a big part of this change. If I can document my progress, it will make it more pleasant for me, and it will also give me the inspiration to move forward. The mental aspect of this will really determine how successful I will be.

    I want to say that there is nothing wrong with my life. I am happy and content, but I think that is part of the problem. I need something to strive for to break me out of the comfort zone and broaden my horizons while shrinking my waistline.