Dreamer’s World August 16, 2017 – Making It Through Wednesday

    I have had an interesting day. The OneDrive problem was corrected, and I am back to my normal routine for writing, and that is a relief for me. This morning I went to the client’s office and kept my mouth shut about politics, which was difficult for me. There are too many people working there who are supporters of the NAZI in the White House. I know better than to talk about things that will cause nothing but trouble. I know that if the subject comes up, those people will start screaming to make their point. While this is hysterical as far as I am concerned, it attracts other people and causes a scene.

    I had other issues to deal with this morning as I left the apartment. On my way down the stairs, I stumbled, and I am almost certain that I hyperextended my left knee. It has been sore ever since, but there is no swelling. I hobbled to the client’s office and then back home without any further injury. I will have it checked when I go to the Chiropractor and Acupuncturist tomorrow after work just to be certain that nothing is wrong.

    When I got to the Metro station this morning, the train that I boarded had no A/C. There is nothing worse than being on a packed commuter train with no air circulation. I exited the train after two stops and waited for another train which did have A/C.

    After all that, I made it back home in time to get lunch and start working again. Thankfully, the afternoon meetings were short, and I was able to get more things done around here rather than sit and listen to people arguing.

    I don’t think that we are going anywhere after I finish work. With a sore knee and Hal wanting to stay here, there is no need to go out. I will cook dinner, and we will have a quiet evening at home for a change. Hal is resigned to not being able to drive anymore due to his vision problems. I am not sure if I would handle that as well as he has. I will be the chauffeur from now on, and that is fine with me.

    With all of the hatred and chaos in the world today, I think it is ironic that I am happy with my own life, as well as Hal and The Stooges. I vow to let nothing interfere with our happiness even as we struggle to contain the hatred and chaos of the outside world and make it a better place for everyone.