The Orwellian-Octopus of the Entrenched-Interests Media

Rise Up Times

…true independent media…is meant for you. It isn’t tethered to corporate or partisan interests; its focus is how to be part of the change that is necessary in society and not an impediment to it.

Edward Rhymes, Founder & CEO Rhymes Media Group  July 28, 2017

I know it gets confusing – the sea of voices saying different things; conflicting things. What I do believe, however, is that it gets less confusing when you lose the hero-worship of politicians & pundits and step outside of your personally constructed echo-chamber – I’m not judging you at all, we all have to do it. So, let’s judge media based upon the question: who is it for?

Does the media you ingest benefit the same old parties and people – left & right – who refuse to effect meaningful change? Does the media you take in day in and day out, feed the…

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