The Orwellian-Octopus of the Entrenched-Interests Media

Rise Up Times

…true independent media…is meant for you. It isn’t tethered to corporate or partisan interests; its focus is how to be part of the change that is necessary in society and not an impediment to it.

Edward Rhymes, Founder & CEO Rhymes Media Group  July 28, 2017

I know it gets confusing – the sea of voices saying different things; conflicting things. What I do believe, however, is that it gets less confusing when you lose the hero-worship of politicians & pundits and step outside of your personally constructed echo-chamber – I’m not judging you at all, we all have to do it. So, let’s judge media based upon the question: who is it for?

Does the media you ingest benefit the same old parties and people – left & right – who refuse to effect meaningful change? Does the media you take in day in and day out, feed the…

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Dreamer’s World August 09, 2017 – The Latest Temper Tantrum from Illegitimate NAZI in the White House

    After yesterday’s unhinged rant from the NAZI in the White House, the time has come once again to say that this idiot is completely nuts! To think that he somehow is supposed to represent this nation (in my opinion, he does NOT, and never will), is frightening.

    I saw the temper tantrum and was stunned by the body language that I saw the NAZI use. He crosses his arms like he is hugging himself. I see nothing but a spoiled brat who wants his way and will make threats to achieve what he wants. Sounds like the other brat in this situation, Kim Jung Un, doesn’t it?

    The expression is another sign that this is a very immature human or perhaps a moderately above average orangutan with delusions of grandeur.