Dreamer’s World August 04, 2017 – I Feel Like Celebrating

    I have reached the end of the week. I had my doubts that this day would ever arrive. This week has been busy at work, and I am more than ready for the weekend to begin. Completing projects and then submitting self-assessments before the deadline is something that I am glad to finish.

    I will enjoy the weekend no matter what I decide to do. As my Friday at work winds down, I am already thinking about things I might do and places I might go. Hopefully, Hal will want to get out for a little while this afternoon with me.

    I realize how lucky I am every day. I just told Hal that he gets more handsome each time I see him, and that is many times per day. I think he appreciated that

    The last hour of a Friday afternoon at work is always the longest of the week. Today is no exception. I want to get out of here and enjoy the beautiful weather with Hal. I want to get a good night of sleep, so I can wake up refreshed tomorrow for whatever happens then.

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