Dreamer’s World August 01 2017 – Back To What Passes For Normal Around Here

    I am ready to start this day. I will make the best of it and do whatever is necessary to make it an excellent day for Hal and The Stooges as well. Since it is finally the first day of August, I will try to take a completely new approach to things. I wrote in the past about how July seemed just to go on and on forever, so today feels like a fresh start for me.

    I expect another quiet day at work. I hope that will be the case. Since everyone is exhausted from the push to meet their goals for the reporting period that just ended, I feel like it will be quiet. The first day of any month means I can start new things and make sure that I have resolved old items. August is the month when I select a gift for Hal’s birthday; I think that I have the gift he will like, and it will be a surprise.

    I am ready for the first meeting of the day to go over some new ideas for the future if everyone shows up for the meeting. If not, I will just make phone calls to fill them in later. Thankfully, the meeting went well, and I can take the time to think about what to do for lunch. The next round of meetings doesn’t start until 1100, so I have some time. I can make lunch without any trouble since I work from home. I enjoy making lunch without really interrupting work during the day. Cooking gives me a welcome distraction from the routine stuff.

    I only have one more meeting for the day. After that, it will be time to start shutting things down here. Hal wants to go out, so that is what we will do so he can pick up some tech item for his telephone. From what he says, he will get a home number through the cable company. Since it will be his number, I have no problem with it.