Dreamer’s World July 31, 2017 – No Longer Surprised At The Tragedy Of Pete Rose

    I am old enough to remember the days before cable tv. We got to see one baseball game per week, and that was Saturday afternoons on NBC with Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubek. Occasionally, my Dad and I would watch a game together. One of the teams that were on more than others were the Cincinnati Reds. I can still remember all the great players. Bench, Morgan, Perez, Concepcion, Foster, Griffey, etc. However, there was one name that my Dad never gave credit to, and that was Pete Rose. I still remember my Dad saying that “something’s not right about him.” He never alluded to anything specific, and I am sure that he didn’t know any of the shit that would later rise to destroy Pete Rose. I suppose it was just an instinct that he had after years of dealing with people. Because I trusted my Dad, I also never developed a fondness for Pete Rose as a player.

    By the time the gambling scandal broke, I was older and wiser. I was still amazed at my Dad’s ability to read this person just by seeing him on TV. I won’t bore anyone with the long and sad story of Pete Rose, but I will post this link that shows how today it got even worse:



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