Dreamer’s World July 31, 2017 – A No-Pressure Monday

    Monday is here, and I found out that everything is ahead of schedule and that my supervisor is taking a well-deserved day off. Since I met my goal on time last week, this means that I am under almost no pressure today and that is a wonderful feeling! In fact, the first thing that I can do this morning is to go through my mountain of emails very thoroughly this morning and make sure that there are no traps waiting for me there.

    I hope that today will be a calm and peaceful day to allow me to catch up on a few other things that had to slide as the reporting period deadline was looming last week. I didn’t necessarily let myself get caught by the deadline; it was the shifting emphasis on things as other people were struggling with their deadlines that were affecting my schedule and plans.

    I am still impressed with the Grammarly app as I use it to write. I like the unobtrusive way that it highlights errors and makes suggestions for not only spelling but also grammatical errors that I make without realizing. As I use this more, I know that I will uncover bad writing habits that I can correct. It is a game in which I try to produce a perfect document.

    Hal The Cat ran into the bedroom/office just now in a frenzy. I thought that Stevie Nicks was chasing him, but I didn’t see her. Hal The Cat immediately settled down on the bed, and I snapped this picture of him. It makes me wonder what Hal The Cat has in mind, and how quiet the day will be around here?

    Another thing that is on my mind today is the never-ending daily rut. I will work today and then take Hal (person) to his job later this afternoon and then go and pick him up late tonight. In other words, just another Monday around here. I want to practice my guitar while Hal is at work and will make every effort to do that. I did the cooking yesterday so that we will have meals for most of the week, and I also have taken care of the errands that were necessary. Coupled with a quiet day at work things are looking well for me.

    At least July is finally ending. I don’t have anything negative against the month itself, but this year July has just dragged on forever. I wonder if August will be the same? Only time will tell how that turns out. Worrying too much about things like that are never going to make a difference anyway. I am going through the normal motions with the afternoon meetings, with no inputs that the organizer wants to hear, so I just say that I have nothing to report. In between these meetings, I will fix lunch for myself and just make it through the afternoon. At times like this, I wish that Monday was not my long day at work.

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