Dreamer’s World July 20, 2017 – RWNJ and Karma


    Although I am passionate about politics, I am not so hardcore that I would wish harm or misfortune upon people with whom I disagree. I can observe things that happen and comment upon them, but never on a personal level. I find myself thinking about 2 republiKKKan legislators who have been supporters of the RWNJ effort to take healthcare away from millions of Americans to be a tragic commentary on what is happening in this country. Their examples represent Karma at her best.

    Representative Steve Scalise was wounded in a senseless terrorist attack earlier this summer and his recovery has been sporadic due to the nature of his injuries. When this tragedy occurred, I wished him a speedy and full recovery through social media because even though we disagree on issues, he is still a human being worthy of dignity and respect. To willingly wish harm upon someone else is not the way that I can live. It goes against everything that I believe in. Representative Scalise is still in recovery, and I continue to wish him a
speedy and complete recovery.

    Yesterday, we all found out that Senator John McCain was suffering from brain cancer. Again, I was saddened that this disease had claimed yet another victim. I also wish Senator McCain a full and complete recovery. He was diagnosed after a surgical procedure to deal with a problem near his eye, and the cancer was discovered after the removed tissue was submitted for a biopsy.

    What these 2 people have in common is that they both are supporters of the effort to repeal the attempts that have been made to provide heal care to all Americans based on their RWNJ ideology. To them, the government has no business in supporting any type of publicly funded healthcare because of their own political beliefs. I can respect their belief
more if these 2 gentlemen were not being treated for their own ailments by the same type of publicly funded healthcare that they receive based on being elected representatives.

    Neither the Scalise nor the McCain families must face the crushing debt that these medical tragedies would place on other American families, yet these 2 people want to deny the rest of the population the very healthcare that they themselves are receiving. It must be asked that at what point doses the hypocrisy of these people need to be brought to everyone’s attention?

    Karma will get you. Representative Scalise is totally aligned with RWNJ efforts to prevent any attempt at common sense gun control. Representative Scalise is suffering through the aftermath of an attack by a deranged individual terrorist who used a gun to injure him. I have not heard of any statements made by Scalise on his gun control position since his shooting, but at least he and his family are covered by the same type of healthcare that he adamantly opposes for the rest of the population.

    Senator McCain also has received a visit from Karma. The cancer that he is suffering from was detected after a medical procedure that was performed under the same publicly funded healthcare that he opposes for the rest of the population. The procedure was one of the benefits that his publicly funded healthcare provides, but he does not want that level of coverage for the rest of the population.

    The fact that both Representative Scalise and Senator McCain support efforts to repeal Obamacare, yet also preserve their own benefits reeks of selfishness, pure and simple. This is totally in line with RWNJ ideology that presumes that they are privileged and not subject to the laws that they willingly enact over the rest of us.

    To be perfectly clear, I do not want either Representative Scalise nor Senator McCain to have their healthcare taken away. I do think that the same level of healthcare should be made available to ALL AMERICANS. Perhaps Karma is trying to teach us all a lesson.

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