Dreamer’s World July 19, 2017 – Making Each Day Count

    As I enter Wednesday afternoon, I am glad that the week is now halfway over with. I have been busy for the last few weeks and haven’t had the time and interest simultaneously to write in this blog. Sure, I have posted articles that were of interest to me, but I have felt the nagging pain that occurs when I don’t write daily. I am hoping that today is the start to breaking that trend. I am going to get out of here with Hal as soon as possible this afternoon and we are going to spend time together for a change.

    My initial idea is to go to dinner at one of the fabulous Indian restaurants in the area. I am hoping that Hal will agree to this, but he isn’t quite as fond of Indian food as I am. I won’t push Hal on this, if he doesn’t want to go there, we will find somewhere else. After all the time that I have been working on my project, I deserve a break and a chance to enjoy life again with the person that I love more than anything. I want and need to take this course of action because each day is tremendously special and I don’t want to waste any more of them. We have been together for 17 ½ years and the magic is still with us and I never want to lose it.

    My preoccupation with work will have to be repressed, even though it is fascinating to me and I still love my job. I simply want to re-prioritize my life and make it better for all involved. Life is short when we think of the things that we want to do, should have done, or could have done better. There is no reason to not live each day fully possible, and that is what I will try to do from now on.

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