Dreamer’s World July 4 2017 – Freedom And The Price We Pay

        Freedom is something that is on everyone’s minds here today. The day itself is the holiday marking our independence from England over 225 years ago. Sadly, it comes at a time when we have placed a NAZI on the White House who seems hell-bent on destroying everything that we have worked towards in this nation.

        Let me start by saying that America has never been perfect. Our history is littered with mistakes. What makes this nation special is that we have eventually recognized our mistakes and tried to correct them with the benefit of hindsight. It has been the characteristic that made us somehow different from other nations. We were able to move forwards without violent revolutions, but now I sense that period in our history might be nearing an end.

        The NAZI in the White House has dig up old resentments that were smoldering under the surface. He has stoked the fires of hatred to levels we have not seen in my lifetime, and yet he keeps pouring gasoline onto this fire like a deranged pyromaniac child without any adult around to stop him. He continues to divide this nation and to deliberately ostracize people from full participation in our society. This is the mark of FASCISM, plain and simple. He wants people to be afraid of anyone who does not confirm 100% of the time to his NAZI ideology. Those who he rejects become “enemies” that must be fought mercilessly.

        Call me old-fashioned, but the concept of Mercy was always close to the character that we strived to achieve and to maintain in spite of the wrongs we had committed. To blatantly throw the concept out is just another example of the NAZI ideology at work in America now.

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