Dreamer’s World July 3, 2017 – Comfort

    I suppose that comfort is a thing to write about. It means so many different things to people. For me personally, it means having peace of mind about my life and not stressing about things that I cannot control. Sure, there are physical comfort things, but I find that those are more easily dealt with once my mind is at ease about things. I believe that greed is the greatest cause for lack of comfort in our lives. Unfortunately, greed is a monster that will devour you if you allow it to take control over your life.

    I don’t think that anyone has ever achieved comfort through the pursuit of material possessions. I suppose that there are those who will claim to have comfort from all the things that they have accumulated throughout a lifetime, but I wonder at what price they managed that. I find that constantly pursuing something to make me more comfortable ends up with me feeling even less comfortable than I was before. The chase is exhausting, and I don’t believe it is worth the effort. I speak from experience, I used to move heaven and earth to stay up to date with the latest tech fads. I was never guilty of the same pursuit regarding fashion or entertainment, I suppose that taught me the discipline to gradually wean me away from the tech toys issue. I am convinced that there is psychology at work with the entire definition of comfort as it relates to material possessions.

    I love my life now. I would not trade it for anything because I am comfortable at last. The insane burning desire to accumulate is finally in the past. I take more pleasure in everyday things now, and I allow them to bring me comfort. I take comfort from life and it helps me to enjoy my life even more. I don’t claim that my life is perfect, that would be impossible. I mean that I am at the point where comfort comes from within. This is the lesson that took me many years to learn and I still don’t claim to have mastered it completely, but I know that I am on my way.

    Comfort is wonderful is you don’t try to define it strictly in terms of things. Let life happen and remember to enjoy every minute that you can, and comfort will find you if you are wise enough to let it into your life at last.

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