Dreamer’s World June 29, 2017 – The Final Push To The Weekend Begins

    After a very busy day yesterday, today will be rather quiet at work and home and I need this to get myself into the mood for the upcoming weekend. It was 2000 last night before I got home from the chiropractor and acupuncture and here are the latest pictures from the first cupping session

    As you can see, there was quite a bit of crap that was being drawn out of me, particularly near the left shoulder, which had been troublesome for quite a while. I feel much better this morning. I have gotten the bills paid and that no longer will be hanging over me as the weekend approaches. I am happy with things right now, of course they could be better but I put things into perspective and realize how much better they are now than they were 1,2, or 5 years ago and it makes me feel good.

    I am going to enjoy today and this evening. I will spend time with Hal and The Stooges. I will get more organizing done since the new furniture has arrived, and I will see if Hal wants to do anything after work. I am glad that there are not a ton of meetings for this afternoon and I am confident that tomorrow will be the same since there is the off-site company Happy Hour in the afternoon to get the holiday weekend rolling.



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