Dreamer’s World June 16 2017 – The Noise That Prevents Us Hearing

    I will post articles about politics that I find interesting on a regular basis but I have recently sworn off posting about politics. I must break that pledge just once to talk about how toxic the political environment has become. No piece of information can be announced without an army of professional naysayers instantly discrediting it to promote their own agenda. Those of you who remember some of my earlier political posts don’t need reminding which side of the political spectrum that I fall on.

    It worries me that all important issues are now being decided upon by who has the cleverest Tweet. There is nothing wrong with the exchange of ideas, but the concept of groups deliberately manipulating social media to try to convince people that only they are correct is abhorrent to me. We have a NAZI in the White House (that should demonstrate where I fall on the political spectrum) who creates fake news with his tweets. We have MSM (mainstream media) that pounce on these insane rants and neglect to INVESTIGATE other issues such as Health Care and CORRUPTION and ELECTION INTERFERENCE, or GLOBAL WARMING, or INJUSTICE.

    I just had to get that off my chest. I hope that I will be able to abstain from more political posts in the future so I can write more about life and things other than politics.

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