Dreamer’s World June 23, 2017 – Getting Started On A Friday

    My daily routine is already screwed up this morning. I got up at the normal time, but I did not shower and do all the necessities since I had to be at the doctor’s office at 0700 to have some blood work done and to leave them a gift (urine sample). That is over with, but it is amazing how much a small change to a daily routine can make the whole day seem off for hours afterward. I will take time around lunch to get my shower and then I know that I will feel better. At least, this is my early day and work will end at 1430 so Hal and I can start the weekend. Of course, this is always affected by his work schedule so we won’t be out late this evening.

    Today was supposed to be the day for the off-site Happy Hour with local employees. As I predicted several days ago, it was canceled because one person decided that they could not make it to the designated place. The choice of location was not theirs to make, it rotates among the 3 of us because we live in different areas around the DC Metro area. The person who decided to say that they weren’t showing up had the nerve to ask that is be held closer to them, just like the last one had been. Apparently, they see the world as bending the knee to their whims and that isn’t the way things work. I was prepared to make the 20-mile trip to be there for the original destination, and the event prior to that was at the location that the hard-to-please person had wanted. The next event will be the one that I choose the location for and it will be a place convenient to me. That was the agreed upon plan for the events.

    Surprisingly, the person who had made the efforts for today’s canceled event sent out an email and stated that it will happen next Friday, regardless of who can attend. I wholeheartedly agree with that approach. Sure enough, the third person once again asked that it be held close to them or they would not be able to attend. The organizer stated clearly that the event was going to proceed and the matter had been closed. I will be there next Friday, even though it is another 25-mile trip. It is the basic fairness of the arrangement that should be respected.

    It is no surprise that we get together so infrequently. Episodes like this are just a layer of drama that no one really needs in their lives. Personally, I try to keep all outside drama away from Hal and myself. We spent too many years being too heavily involved with the lives of other people without realizing the toll that it was taking on us. When we initially moved further away from those “friends” it didn’t take long for them to all but disappear from our lives. We have moved on, but from what Hal still hears, they are still stuck in the same old routines as they were years ago, and I suspect that they will never break free from them and grow up.

    To be fair, Hal and I obviously have our own routines but they have evolved over time and still change based on our circumstances. We work together to make the best of each day and we are very happy with our lives today and I know that will be the case in the future regardless of what new circumstances arise. The key to us being happy is the knowledge that we will work together to get through anything that life throws at us, and that we will emerge stronger as a result.

    As for the day, I am looking forward to quitting time. There was rain overnight, but things have cleared up. I hope that there won’t be any more rain today at least. If it rains tomorrow, I will still be able to get out and run errands since Hal will be at work. I already have things to cook tomorrow that will feed us for a few days. I will make things up tomorrow to keep myself occupied and out of trouble while Hal is working.

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