Dreamer’s World June 17. 2017 – Saturday

Today is Saturday. Today belongs to me, just like every other day. I will NOT let the world determine how I feel today. I will live today on my terms. I CHOOSE to be HAPPY today.

These are just a few of the things that I use to guide my day. I find that repeating these guidelines whenever I start to feel down will give me strength for the remainder of the day when I need it the most. One of the hardest things to do was to ACCEPT the fact that I do have that much control over my life. Far too often we are conditioned to feel and to believe that we are totally helpless against the intrusions of the world. BULLSHIT! We need to take control of our own lives now more than ever exactly because of all the intrusions that the outside world wants to throw at us. Our parents never had to deal with the amount of information that hits us like a tsunami each and every day. We have become slaves to our devices and find that we feel incomplete if we dare to turn them off even for a few minutes. To be controlled to that degree is unnatural.

I made my trip to the grocery store earlier today and I have things for dinner if I find the energy to prepare them. I have chicken breasts and asparagus and baked beans that I can fix later. I also drove out to see more of the area this morning. I didn’t really see anything interesting, but the scenery was nice since I traveled about 20 miles towards the mountains.

The slow afternoon is here and I am relaxing at home. Hal will be home in a few more hours but I have no idea if we will be doing anything after he gets here. I am undecided about that myself to be honest. I am in one of those moods that defies explanation. I know that if I do go out, I will regret it if I spend any money. If I decide to stay here, I will regret not going out at all. A dilemma without a clear solution.

Of course, Stevie Nicks is here to help me write this post. Honestly, I don’t know how I would write without at least one of The Stooges around to help me out. Her elegance and grace just remind me that I have to be nothing more than myself in order to write and to be happy. I do envy her the self-confidence that just emanates from her, however. Hal The Cat and Spartacus are asleep somewhere in the apartment, so I will let them rest. They will each take their turn to inspire me later in the day.

The weather remains unsettled. Every time the sun looks poised for a major breakthrough, the clouds arrive again. There is a lesson to be learned about the value of persistence and I am making a note of it right now.

Hal made it home safely and it looks like we will be staying home this evening. This is fine with me, I have said before that I am happy with my life and the choices that I make on a regular basis. I might cook up the food from the grocery store, or I might wait and do that tomorrow. There is no rush. I have time and I appreciate that. Any regrets that I might have will be temporary because I am happy with my life.

And so, the evening approaches and things are calm. The Stooges are happy and content, and as always, there is something to learn from them. Life is as complicated as we choose to make it. The more complicated we make our lives, the less happy we are. And yet, we constantly make our lives more full of shit rather than trying to simplify things and have more time for ourselves. In this way I am glad that I have the intestinal fortitude to walk away from the news, and from social media without suffering from pangs of guilt. I will take peace and quiet and happiness any time I can find them, and when necessary I will make the time for those things. The stresses of life will still be there when I am finished with living, the sense of urgency is not real.

I know what the evening has in store for us. Hal will want to watch TV and I will be with him occasionally since I cannot watch anything but sci-fi, movies, cartoons and sports for any length of time before my brain rebels and forces me to move. The true bane of my existence is talk shows, I firmly believe that they cause brain cancer due to inactivity of the brain cells. I talk with Hal through the evening and can tell when he gets tired and is ready for bed. Most of the time I follow him to bed. During the times when I am not sitting with Hal I will be reading, or writing and almost certainly listening to music to keep my mind moving.

Life is never perfect, but mine is as close as I can expect it to be. This makes it easier to enjoy the time and keep a positive outlook on things.

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