Dreamer’s World June 15, 2017 – Our Own Little Jungle

    One of the things that Hal, myself, and The Stooges love is having live plants around the apartment. They bring a sense of calm and nature into our lives.


    With the warm weather, most of the plants are outside to get more light. This provides a playground for The Stooges. They are constantly at the balcony door, begging to go outside to enjoy the weather themselves. It is a constant effort to open and close the door for them and to keep the insects out of the apartment at the same time, but it is worth it for the enjoyment that they receive and for the pleasure that Hal and I get from watching them revert to their more natural state as they explore their own little jungle and make their own world to relax and play in. Of course, when I decided to write about this, The Stooges all decided that they wanted to be indoors. Hopefully, they will venture out later today and I can get some pictures of them.

    If they decide to remain inside, you can use your imagination to see Hal The Cat laying among the leaves on the table, Stevie Nicks curled up around the plant at the bottom of the picture, and Spartacus off camera relaxing in the chair that he has claimed as his own. Occasionally, Hal The Cat and Stevie Nicks will sit on the railing to see more of the world beyond their little private jungle.

    For me, the environment makes me relax. Nature has a calming effect on us and it is sad that we spend so much of our time disregarding it. Fortunately, I can walk to the balcony whenever I want to during the day as I take breaks from the job and being tied down to my desk and computer. We are fortunate to live in a nice area that is very quiet. There is a lake less than a quarter of a mile away where I can go to relax in the evening while there is still daylight.

    We all need our own private jungles to retreat to from time to time. Give it a try and I am sure that you will feel much better as a result. A small investment in time will give great rewards over the long term. It gives me an escape from all of the unpleasantness that makes me so disheartened with the world because it makes me realize that some things are not affected by the things that I find unpleasant, they remain constantly good and pure. Let things like this into your life.

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