Dreamer’s World June 15, 2017 – The World Can Fuck Itself

    If the tragic event in Alexandria yesterday proved anything, it is that we have become so polarized politically that we can no longer hope for real meaningful dialogue to solve our problems. Apparently, the group that SHOUTS THE LOUDEST will get their way, regardless of whether their position is correct. The days of one person issuing a clear call to Justice are long gone. I have avoided writing about politics as much as I can and instead focused on my daily life. I will continue that process.

    The world as we know it now consists of social media whores who have their little bots to echo their points of view to make themselves appear more intelligent and popular than they could ever hope to be. The sheer volume of the hate is just too much to bother with anymore. My positions have not changed, and the response to this latest tragedy simply reinforces my opinions. It is also a tragedy that we can no longer discuss important issues without the sound-bite, 140 character mentality drowning out everything else.

    I choose to be happy and that will govern my writing. If I feel the need to address an issue I will do so, but for the most part I will continue to write about the things that go on in my own little part of the world. I don’t give a FUCK about celebrities, or TV, or internet sensations, or kittens playing the piano. I never did follow those things. I will read my books. I will do the best at my job that I can. I will be the best partner that I can. I will be the best parent to The Stooges that I can. I will continue to learn and grow as a person. I will continue to ignore the MSM and their garbage. I will put myself and Hal and The Stooges at the top of my list for things that I will spend time and effort on.

    I love to write, and sometimes things like this must be said. The world is a really FUCKED UP place right now. It doesn’t need my help to FUCK IT UP even worse, that is taking care of itself.

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