Dreamer’s World June 14, 2017 – The Madness Continues

    I woke up this morning and prepared to travel to the client’s office as I always do on Wednesday morning. As I browsed through the news, the big story was the tragic fire in London. I was heartbroken to think of the people who had died in such a horrific way but knowing that it was thousands of miles away, I was able to quickly put it out of my mind to revisit later for more information. I got to the client’s office at a little after 0700 and because it is a government facility I turned my cell phone off as I entered the building.

    The first part of the morning was spent with the usual watercooler BS as I updated my laptop computer with the latest software patches and waited for my main point of contact to show up around 0900 as he usually does. Due to the awful traffic around DC, it is not unusual for people to arrive late for work, but I noticed that there were lots of people who had not shown up as 0830 approached. I had performed the software patches on my laptop and was prepared to leave just after 0900. I even had the time to drop off my old license plates from the Beetle at the local DMV office which was nearby.

    Then I heard the news about the shooting at a baseball field in Alexandria. This shocked me because although no one I knew was involved, the location of the shooting was extremely close to the old townhouse that I used to work from, less than 2 blocks to be precise. I instantly understood why more people had not shown up at the office, thankfully none of them were at the baseball field, they were just caught up in the ensuing monster traffic problems that the shooting created. People who were slowly filtering into the building were talking about how much security had amped up outside, which was perfectly understandable, and I realized that my arriving at the normal time had meant that I was already in the building when things were tightened down.

    As always, the first reports were sketchy, to say the least. It wasn’t until I got back home to resume my work that I finally was able to locate where the shooting had taken place and I realized that if I still worked at the old townhouse office that I would probably be caught up in the traffic trying to make my way back there. Thankfully, since I work from home and we no longer live in Alexandria at all, I could exit the building and get to Metro and travel away from the area. I arrived home at my new normal time.

    As for the tragic shooting, at least no one died, as of noon and I hope that everyone recovers fully. I personally detest republiKKKans, but I have NEVER called for violence against them and I am saddened that this country is in such terrible shape that something like this happens. We have more than enough troubles with too many guns in irresponsible hands as it is. Violence is NOT the answer to our problems, communication is. Sadly, our MSM have become nothing more than amplifying stations for POVs and not sources for information.

    Having something like this happen so close to me is somewhat unnerving. I am glad that I work from home and not in town where things like this would probably be more likely due to the concentration of politicians and lobbyists and any other people that have a grudge held against them by whatever lunatic fringe groups or individuals are out there.

    Events like this morning seem to indicate that we are losing our control as a society. If we value a piece of metal over human lives we will only be subjected to more events like this and it makes me sad to think about it.

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