Dreamer’s World June 06 2017 – Moving On

    This morning I have been waiting for news that Nicola and Connor have safely arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland. After an all-night flight to London and then the trip north to Edinburgh, I am not surprised that nothing has been said or posted yet. I will feel better once I truly know that they are safe and sound because I do care about them both and we will miss them dearly. Now, I can begin to slowly move my writing away from this subject because it has been such a deeply emotional time for me.

    Although I am very tired this morning, I will focus on the job and make it through the rest of the day. I want to get one task cleared off my plate today so I can concentrate on another, larger task for the remainder of this week. Because of vacation times with the client, I will not be traveling into DC tomorrow and the real key is that I will not have to get up an hour early in the morning as a result. This makes me happy.

    The task I mentioned earlier has been completed and it feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I will get things started on the next task this afternoon, but I will also take a well-deserved break and clear my head. I would like to do something after work, but Hal has said that he wants to simply stay here at home this afternoon. Perhaps I will just go myself to get away for a while. I am avoiding the news because I value my own sanity. I refuse to be suckered into attaching myself to the TV with some psychological umbilical cord only to be force-fed total garbage designed to make me think a certain way. The constant fear-mongering just makes me glad that I don’t watch the news anymore and I keep a balanced perspective on things.

    As I get into the afternoon and the next task, I will probably have some music playing in the background to make things calmer and relaxed around here for the rest of the day. I have a channel on Spotify that I follow called Brain Food that always puts me in a great mood. Music makes work go more quickly and more pleasantly for me.

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