Dreamer’s World June 05 2017 – Once Again

    And so, another week begins with a cloudy morning that matches the mood. I am working to get ahead of things for the week and juggling appointments at the same time as taking Hal to work this evening and then picking him up. I suppose that this is just another typical Monday around here. I cannot help but think about Nicola and Connor as they prepare to leave for Scotland this evening. My heart is heavy not knowing if or when I will see them again. I try to balance the joy over Nicola making her decision and my own selfish desire for her and Connor to stay, but it is difficult at times. I wish them happiness and success in their new home.

As I struggle with putting that chapter in my life behind me, I wonder what will come next? I really don’t need another heart-wrenching event right now. I need the time to recover from this last one first. I know that my wish is futile, life moves at its own pace and the highs and lows are not always evenly spaced out. The only thing that I can do is to keep moving forward and not spend too much time looking back. In the grand scheme of my life, this is not the worst thing that has ever happened, but because it is happening now, it certainly feels like it. Time does heal all wounds if we allow it to. And so, I make my way through another Monday that is not like the others. I will deal with my own issues and put on a brave face for friends who are leaving. I wish that things were exactly how I wanted them to be, but that is impossible, and would make life rather boring. I suppose the toughest thing right now is to imagine what things will be like once this episode is over with. I will try to get back in charge of things on a personal level and then see what happens.

By the time mid-afternoon had arrived, I felt like I had to take a break from work. I was completely drained and I needed to rest my mind for a few minutes to stop an onrushing migraine that was steadily building. I took a shower to clear my head and felt much better.

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