Dreamer’s World June 04 2017 – Getting Things Done And Finding Closure

    The weekend is rushing by and I seem powerless to stop it. At least I heard from Nicola last night. She won’t be able to get together with Hal and I before she leaves for Scotland, but we had come to expect that to be the case. We spoke for about an hour and we said our goodbyes. Hopefully, she will come back for Brianna’s graduation sometime next year, but that might very well be the last time we see her.

    I have been preparing myself for this event for several months now, but this weekend the realization has finally set in that she is leaving. We wish her the best and perhaps someday we will be able to get to Scotland to visit her but I honestly have no idea when that would be. So, I have reached a point of closure in my life. We know that from now on we will have to find another way to get through the holidays without being a part of their family gatherings. We will work something out to get over this, but it won’t be easy.

    In so many ways, Hal and I are closer than ever before, and yet, the friends seem to be vanishing from our lives. Some are by our own choice since they screwed things up and never matured. Some are by the choice of the other people, as with Nicola and her desire to return to Scotland so she can rebuild her own life after the death of her husband. And finally, there are those who decided to move on without consulting Hal or myself. Some of these people will be missed, such as Nicola, while others won’t warrant a second thought.

    Even with all that, the sun is still shining and the birds are singing. The Stooges are happy because they know that we will never leave them. Hal and I are happy knowing that we still have each other. All things considered, I have a great life and I believe that things happen for a reason even if that reason isn’t always apparent right away.

    Life is a journey into the unknown. We make the best of things and try to do no harm to others. That is the best way that I know to live. I am grateful for each of the people that have been a part of my life, regardless of how brief their stay, because from each I have learned something about myself and about other people. It is this accumulated knowledge that makes the future less foreboding and more manageable. In the past, I have written about my seeming destiny to be a more solitary person. I see no reason to feel bad about this because I try my very best to not leave others on bad terms. Of course, this isn’t always possible but I try anyway.

    The weekend is rushing past far too quickly, so I will sign off for today and wait for Hal to get home from work. We have an evening together and we deserve to have a wonderful time together.

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