Dreamer’s World June 01 2017 – The Sun Has Returned

    Like all storms in our lives, the weather has finally started out beautifully this morning.

Just taking the time to equate the weather with all of the struggles and issues that we face in our lives gives me time to stop and be thankful for the good times and the beautiful days. Perspective is the key, as with all things. On a stormy day we can see traces of better weather, and on a beautiful day, we can see indications that there will be another storm or gloomy day ahead for us. The key is to live in the now and make the best of every moment that we have.

I am sad because my friend is moving away on Monday. Nicola is returning to her home in Scotland and I have no idea when we will see her again. I met her through her husband, Donald. Donald was an old Navy bud of mine and we managed to stay in touch through the years. I first met Nicola in 2002 and we have been friends ever since. When Donald was killed in a motorcycle accident, we grew even closer. Hal and I have spent almost every Thanksgiving and Xmas with Donald and Nicola since 2002, the holidays won’t be the same without them. While I know that Nicola is making the right decision for her and her son Connor, we will still miss them. I know that the fact they are leaving on Monday is weighing on my mind today. We hope that we will see her one last time this weekend, but that hasn’t been firmly established yet. We know that she is busy with last-minute arrangements and that our plans might fall through. I am wise enough to know that it isn’t personal if that happens.

I am looking forward to my next round of acupuncture this evening, followed by my chiropractor session. I hope that I will sleep very well tonight and feel completely refreshed for tomorrow. After the visit I am completely relaxed and really looking forward to a shower and a great night of sleep.


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