Dreamer’s World May 30 2017 – Changes

    The weekend brought lots of changes around here. First of all, Hal was in Florida from Friday until Sunday due to the funeral of his Aunt. I took him to the airport on Friday afternoon and then picked him up late Sunday when he returned. In the meantime, I was on my own and I decided to do some more looking at cars. I found a 2011 Ford Fiesta with less than 40K miles on it and I managed to arrange financing through my credit union. Yesterday, Hal and I went to the dealer and everything is done. All that is left is for me to take the paperwork from the credit union to the dealer after work today since yesterday was a holiday. This means that I will be very rushed after work today with a chiropractor appointment and then getting back to the dealer with the final paperwork.

    I didn’t realize that things were going to move so quickly. I had given up on the idea of trading in the Beetle until this vehicle showed up and more importantly, the financing was lined up to make it doable. I felt guilty about letting go of the Beetle because it has been a terrific car for the last 5 years, but I also know that it was on its last legs, or wheels, and would not have lasted much longer because of its age (15 years). I hope that the Beetle will find someone who will work on it and keep it going for a long time, but I am not that mechanically inclined. I will miss the Beetle.

    I swore to myself that I would not take on another car payment, but I realized that this was only a matter of time and that I needed to make a deal when I still had the option. Thankfully, my credit union was very reasonable with the terms of the financing and I can manage with the payments and perhaps get it paid off early. I realize that I am fortunate to be able to make this change right now. In the past, I would have been faced with impossible choices, but now I can make them more clearly since I am in better shape financially. I am glad that this episode is finally over with. I can plan to take trips now if the mood strikes me because I will not be in fear of the car not making it all the way.

    The new car is a 2011 Ford Fiesta that has less than 38K miles on it with no accidents from Carfax. Since it is LIME GREEN
and a 5-speed, those are the reasons it was such an inexpensive car.

I am not concerned with the color and I prefer a manual transmission. It runs like a little demon and that is what I want. It is only a 4-cylinder, but it does get up and go when it needs to. The Fiesta also give more storage space with the hatchback than I had in the Beetle, so the main challenge will be to keep it clean and uncluttered. This means that the first task once the weather improves will be to take all the stuff I got out of the Beetle and put into the Fiesta and then dump what I no longer need from there.

    I just returned from my credit union with the check in hand so I can go and complete everything this evening. I will not be breaking the bank with the monthly payment and that is a great relief to me. I will get some pictures of the FIESTA this evening and tomorrow. It will be better if the sun ever comes out around here.

    We made it back from the dealer before the storms hit. I am closing out today’s post and then shutting down the laptop for the evening. I have an early day tomorrow with my trip to meet with the client. I hope that everyone has had a great day and will have an even better tomorrow.

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