Dreamer’s World May 26 2017 – Arrival Of A Holiday Weekend

    Snoopy and The Gang have a new setup this morning. The old presentation was rather awkward and needed to change, so I found some new risers that allowed me to position them better. This will also allow me to experiment with other potential locations since these risers are independent of each other. This is one of those little things that help to make the new place even more of a home.

    The main thing on the agenda for today is to wrap things up at work in preparation for the long weekend and then to take Hal to the airport to catch his flight to Florida. Sadly, he is going because of a death in the family and he will be back here Sunday evening. This means I will have to stay out of trouble all weekend here alone with The Stooges. I will have time to write and practice my guitar at the very least. I have no plans to go looking for trouble. After I get Hal to the airport I have my chiropractor appointment later in the afternoon and then the real weekend starts. After that, I might check out one of the local vape stores to see what they have.

    The morning at work has been quiet. This is not surprising since so many people have taken today off to get an early start on the holiday weekend. I cannot blame them, but I want to save my vacation time I have remaining and build it back up for the future. Besides, without Hal being here there is no point wasting time off when it can be used later.

    One advantage to working from home is that I can get some house chores done as I work. Right now I have laundry in the washer as I continue my research project for work, and I can take a few minutes to shift the clothes to the dryer without impacting my productivity at work.

    The day started out with brilliant sunshine, but the clouds have returned. We cannot seem to break out of the gloomy weather around here. The entire weekend is supposed to be like this, cool and cloudy which is hardly the start of summer that we are all waiting for. Eventually the sun and warm weather will arrive, but we don’t know when that will be.

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