Dreamer’s World May 19 2017 – Taking Time Off

    I took today off from work because I deserved it. I need time to mentally relax and restore myself. The last month has been incredibly hectic and I know I need to let a lot of stress escape from my system. Looking back I took on too much for such a short period of time, I really made a mistake when I tried to see about trading in the Beetle. Luckily for me, sanity was able to reach up from its bunker and stop me from doing anything right now. I am fortunate to NOT have a car payment and taking one on would have been a huge mistake right now. The experience taught me a lot about patience and how to sit back and evaluate my situation from a long-term perspective rather than trying to do everything all at once.

    My goal for today is to spend time with Hal and The Stooges. Hal and I might get out during the day if the weather is nice. Last night we had some serious thunderstorms roll through here that produced some small hail, but luckily nothing more serious than that around here. I was caught at the chiropractor’s office when the storm hit and had to wait out the worst of it there. I found out that I have a few issues that the chiropractor can repair with some treatment. I am honestly not that surprised to hear about this, but the x-rays were pretty clear that something needs to be done. On Tuesday I go to see an acupuncturist who works in the same location to see how she might be able to help me out as well. It has been many years since I last had an acupuncture session, so I am looking forward to it and it is covered under my insurance.

    Right now, I don’t have any major topic to ramble on about but that might change as the day progresses. Until then I will just summarize my day as always and let the words flow out freely.

I did sleep well last night after the chiropractor appointment. So far the day has not produced anything exciting with the exception of lunch, which was delicious. Hal is on the phone with some of his relatives now, so we haven’t gone anywhere yet.

    The afternoon was quiet. After we had lunch, which consisted of the roast I started cooking last night. I am glad to say that it was delicious, and we will have several more meals from the roast over the weekend. We did some shopping for Hal and then I picked up my guitar after it was re-strung. After that we had a nice dinner and then came home because Hal has to go to work in the morning, and I have another chiropractor appointment as well.

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