Dreamer’s World May 17 2017 – Yesterday Was A Disaster Attempting To Make A Trade On The Beetle

    Our trip yesterday to see about making a trade on the Beetle was a complete and utter disaster due to a dealer that was nothing but greedy. The price that was listed on the vehicle was ignored in favor of a higher price. That higher price was then inflated by close to 20% when the offer was presented to me. I could not get a clear admission from the dealer that this is what they had done, so I told them that everything was off and to forget the whole thing.

    Naturally, this resulted in the manager trailing me out of the showroom, begging and pleading with me to reconsider their offer. I stopped and said that if he didn’t immediately cease that I was going to make my displeasure very LOUD where other prospective buyers would HEAR what I had to say. That promise ended the conversation and we left for home.

    I was also offended by the offer that was made on the Beetle. I know, and I mentioned yesterday that age has reduced it’s value, but I was not ready to have to fight over what amounted to me donating the vehicle to the dealer in exchange for the 20% over the price offer that they wanted me to accept. I am proud to say that I did not get emotional, but I did give the Beetle a pat on the dashboard as we drove home because it has never let me down.

    The likelihood of me making a trade is now greatly reduced because I have not found another vehicle that I like enough to attempt a trade. I have a pre-approved loan that will expire if it isn’t used and right now I am perfectly content to let that happen and just keep the Beetle. I don’t need the hassle and aggravation of trying to work with sleazy car dealers right now. Life is going too well to soil myself with them.

    The irony of ironies is that I have to spend time this afternoon at the same sleazy dealership in order to get my free oil change that is a part of the package that still applies to the Beetle. If I can find another participating dealer that is about the same distance away from home, I will use them from now on. My main goal will be to avoid the people who so completely pissed me off yesterday because I am NOT IN THE MOOD for their BS right now.

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