Dreamer’s World May 16 2017 – Not Enough Sleep With Things On My Mind

    I messed up my schedule last night and suffered for it with a lack of quality sleep. I suppose that there are too many things going on in my mind at once and I need to resolve some of the issues soon in order to get more rest. I mentioned them yesterday, there is the issue of trading in the Beetle or dealing with some repairs that will have to be made on a 15 year-old vehicle that will cost a lot and there is also the looming departure of my friends to Scotland forever.

    As I mentioned yesterday, I can do nothing at all regarding Nicola and Connor leaving to return to Nicola’s home. This is out of my control altogether and no amount of thinking about it will change that fact. I have to simply put it on the back burner of my mind.

    The issue with my decision on the Beetle is more complex and immediate. I am not sure when I will be in the position again to make a trade for something that I am interested in. There is a vehicle that I test drove over the weekend and I was favorably impressed. The decision must be made sometime this week or I stand the chance that the other vehicle will be sold to someone else. I am exploring my options so I will have the best information available when I make that decision. It could come as early as this evening, but will definitely be made by tomorrow evening since I am taking the Beetle in for an oil change. Since the oil change is free as part of the service agreement I have on it through the dealer, I don’t have to worry about that cost right now. The potential new vehicle is available through the same dealer, so that gives me the peace of mind knowing that I can wait until tomorrow if necessary.

    As far as work is concerned, today will not be any busier than normal and I am grateful for that. I did my long day yesterday and am glad that is behind me. I did leave the guitar at Guitar Center last night for a restringing and it should be ready by the end of the week. I will be glad to get back into the practice routine to have some more discipline in my life. I need more structure right now for a change with the important issues that are demanding my attention.

    At least the new apartment is wonderful. Hal and I are enjoying it more and more each day. We made the right decision several months ago to move here after several months of searching for a new place. This one meets all of our needs and the price is much more reasonable than the others, and substantially less than where we just moved out of. We are very happy here. The Stooges are all set as well. After a few hours of adjustment on the first night, they are now very content with their new home.

    As the day moves along here, I am getting quite a few things done before the afternoon meetings begin. I hope that they go smoothly and I will get away from work on time this afternoon. Whether we decide to go and look at some cars is up in the air right now. As the day wears on, my main concern is that I will have enough energy at 1530 to go anywhere, but I think I will manage somehow.

    The afternoon is slowly passing by and Hal has gone to the grocery store to get some food for The Stooges as I wait for the last meeting of the day to start in a little while. Once that is over with, I think that we will go to look at a vehicle that has caught my attention. It is certainly possible that I will make a deal later this afternoon or early this evening if it is to my advantage to do so. Only time will tell on this. Every research tool at my disposal indicates that the Beetle has outlived its value and there won’t be much trade in value, but that is no surprise for a 2002 regardless of the shape that it is in. It makes the incentive to deal now stronger, but not overwhelming. I must consider that the money that would go into some repairs down the road will exceed the value of the Beetle and that it will never recoup any more value afterwards.

    By the time we got home from our trip, we arrived back here in the Beetle, I was too exhausted to write and went to bed. After an early morning traveling to meet with the client I can finally begin to catch up with things when I open today’s blog post.

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