Dreamer’s World May 12 2017 – Feeling Much Better As The Weekend Approaches

Friday is here at last! I am glad to report that the visit with the new chiropractor went very well and I slept great last night. I feel tremendous this morning as Friday starts and I am ready to take on the world.

I was rather hesitant when I got to the new chiropractors office, but I quickly became comfortable because the staff was extremely friendly. The office was busy, unlike the old office because of the location. This was the first adjustment I had to make to the way things will be, but I was treated very well. The best thing is that the new office also offers acupuncture and my insurance covers that. I already have a consultation set up with the specialist and will take advantage of it as soon as I can.

Since today is a short day and I am off work at 1430, Hal and I are going to the old apartment one last time to turn in the keys and complete our transactions with them. This should be the final step in the process and we will then be completely free of the old apartment for good. The apartment has been cleaned and is ready for turnover so there should not be any problems. If there are, the old apartment community can stand by to get lit up on Yelp because we have done everything that they stated had to be done prior to turning in the keys. Personally, I don’t expect any problems.

Once the apartment has been settled, we will have the late afternoon and evening to do what we want to do. There are no plans yet, we tend to make them up as we go along. Hal does have to go to work in the morning, so we won’t be out late under any conditions.

The apartment, as opposed to the “new” apartment, is looking terrific. It has become our new home at last. The atmosphere is tremendous and the peace and quiet are awesome after the constant noise in Alexandria. On a rainy day like today it is just wonderful to have no noise coming in from outside. The rain is supposed to linger through tomorrow and then we will have more seasonable weather with much warmer temperatures.

The day is over, the old apartment keys have been turned in and we made it home without incident. I wanted to post this before I go to bed in order to get back into the routine of posting each day.


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