Dreamer’s World May 11 2017 – Rainy Days

The day is rainy and cool. It is supposed to be this way through tomorrow. It makes me glad that I am working from home and do not have to get out in the rain other than to go to my chiropractor appointment after work this afternoon.

Luckily, I changed chiropractors since the move, but it was a bittersweet experience because I valued the relationship that I had with my old chiropractor. I had been his patient for 15 years, but after the move the trip of almost 60 miles one way and then back was just too much for me. I went to him 2 weeks ago after the worst of the move had been completed and by the time I got home through rush hour traffic I felt as if I had not gotten any adjustment or relief at all since I had been in traffic for nearly 2.5 hours by the time I finally got home.

I will hope that the new chiropractor is as good as the old one. Life does move on and things change. We have to change with them but at times we simply have to make do with the way things are, and that brings me back to the weather. We are getting a late taste of mild winter weather here over the next 2 days. The temperature might not hit 60 tomorrow with all of the clouds and rain. Today might manage to get into the low 60s, but that doesn’t seem likely right now. The steady patter of raindrops is rather relaxing, to be quite honest but it will be nice to see the sun again hopefully by sometime this weekend.

Rainy days are necessary for reasons other than the obvious. We need them to more fully appreciate the beautiful sunny days when we have those. I am happy with a rainy day now and then to keep my perspective in order. I am certain that my visit to the new chiropractor will help as well.

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