Dreamer’s World April 28 2017 – Slowly Making Sense Of The Chaos


    It has been a busy week, but things are slowly coming together here at the new apartment. Each passing hour and day makes it feel more like home, but moving is never an easy or quick event. I went through the typical misadventures of not being able to find something important for several days until it magically appeared in one of the last boxes that was unpacked. We have been making great progress and things are almost complete. Once we have taken a real break, we will begin the next purge of things that somehow survived the move but should probably never have come with us in the first place. These are the items that simply cannot find a home here in the new apartment and will therefore be moving out permanently.

    The Stooges took a few hours to adjust to the new place after we got them here on Monday evening. Spartacus was the most relaxed, Stevie Nicks was the most excited, and Hal The Cat was the most upset. I suppose that Hal The Cat was upset because he probably was worried that we were leaving him somehow. Because he has grown up as a stray I am sure that in some way he was afraid that the home that he had come to love and accept was vanishing. He acted much better by Tuesday afternoon and is now completely adjusted to his new home with us.

    We are waiting for the cable guy to show up this morning to replace one of the boxes that we have because it is not receiving all of the channels and it is also not functioning properly with recording events. Once that is over with I am going to stop at the DMV to get a new license since we have moved from one Virginia jurisdiction to another, and then I hope to have some more time to write at last.

    I return to work on Monday, but a part of me is wishing that I could add another day off. Since I will work from home anyway it isn’t that big of a deal but I wonder how much motivation I will have when Monday morning rolls around.

    Yesterday I did go to my regular chiropractor for the last time. The new apartment is 60 miles from his office and I really don’t want to make that long trip. I have been a patient of his for 15 yearsI checked through my insurance and found a new chiropractor that is very close to the new apartment and I have scheduled an appointment for 2 weeks from yesterday. The best part is that they also have extended hours and I will no longer be juggling hours to get back to my old chiropractor. The next thing will be to check on dentists in the area, and finally, getting a new doctor as well.

    Hal went out to take care of some errands that had to get done today and I have been stuck here at home with The Stooges. I know that he might not be back until this evening because he is supposed to meet with a contractor about repairing some holes in the wall of the old apartment where he had his TV mounted in the living room. I didn’t have anything pressing this afternoon other than some things that I might want to do, but those things can always be done tomorrow. My necessary items are all handled for the day and involved the requests to transfer medical and dental records to Centreville for the future.

3 thoughts on “Dreamer’s World April 28 2017 – Slowly Making Sense Of The Chaos

  1. It’s good to hear that you guys are settling in. It usually takes pets about 3 days to adjust to new surroundings. Congrats on the move.

    • We are moving along a bit more slowly. The secondary purge of items continues as we make the place into our new home 🙂

      • It takes time. The important thing is that you guys are moved in the the Stooges are happy. 🙂 Here’s wishing you a wonderful and productive week.

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