Dreamer’s World April 18 2017 – Another Day Closer


        Tuesday is here. I slept well last night but it was the sleep of complete and total exhaustion more than anything else. I hope that today will go better, and particularly that I will sleep much better tonight. I am going to get as much done today as I can to prepare for the move, and that will involve a trip to the local Target this afternoon once work is finished to pick up a few things if they are in stock.

        One item that we won’t have to worry about after today or tomorrow will be the new dishes that I ordered through Amazon. We have been using the same Corelle dishes for over 17 years and it was time for a change. That marks one more thing off of the list to do before the move and the old dishes are out of here on that day. I found out that they have arrived and just need to be picked up at the apartment office this afternoon.

        I do have to stop myself from trying to get too much for the new apartment before we even get there. Friday will be here soon enough and we can get everything that we really NEED at that time. If I can manage to get most of the clothes from the closet boxed up this evening, it will be time well spent. Of course this means even more boxes to be piled up throughout the apartment, but at this point it cannot be helped. I am about ready to select clothes for the next 6 days and then pack everything else away for the move and I will live from either a suitcase or keep the few items in the closet. Another issue will be the bedlinens. I want to get those boxed up as well except for the next change at the end of the week. I really don’t want to keep the same bedlinens on for almost 2 weeks unless absolutely necessary. Perhaps the best thing to do with those is to just transport them myself over the weekend while Hal is at work. I will already be taking the guitars, amps, computers and monitors as well as all the cables anyway so it will just give me a few more trips to make but that isn’t a big deal right now. I will be more than busy with things like that starting sometime late Friday.

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