Dreamer’s World April 16 2017 – Daily Prompt “Climbing”


        The Daily Prompt is “Climbing”. Something that we enjoyed as children because we were able to take risks and discover our potential and our limits. As we grow older we unfortunately begin to associate “climbing” with work and career, where the goals and achievements are not really our own. We see these results of “climbing” as just rungs on a ladder with no top step. We go through a predetermined set of motions that are laid out for us.

        I much prefer the childish definition of “climbing” to the one that adults want to believe. I see how people change as I grow older. I watch parents of young children deny their own children the opportunity of “climbing” whether that is climbing a tree or something else because “they might get hurt”. Getting hurt is part of learning, and learning is another example of “climbing”.

        A child who cannot be free to climb will become an adult who cannot function properly in society because they were never allowed to experience the freedom of exploration. Adult limitations are placed on them as children and they are ill-equipped to cope with the world unless they do exactly the same things and get the same jobs as their parents have. These children cannot climb because they never look up and wonder if something is possible because they are always looking down to make sure that they are following exactly in their parents’ footsteps.

        Go climb a tree. Be a kid once again and relish the freedom that “climbing” can bring.

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