Dreamer’s World April 14 2017 – MST3K Is Back!


        MST3K is now available with a new series of shows on Netflix after being away for far too long. I am already planning my Netflix viewing to see the new characters and enjoy some cheesy movies once again.

Like many people who are in their 50s now, I fondly remember the old TV series “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, or “MST3K” as we knew it. When the show was on cable we would sit around and laugh at hysterically bad movies with some witty commentary begint thrown at the movie by Joel Hodgson, and later, Michael Nelson along with the 2 robots Tom Servo and Crow. While the commentary was not as racy as we would have made it if we were just sitting around and watching these awful movies ourselves (and why on earth would we?), but the spirit of the adventure was what drew us to the show in the first place.

        Even the simple and catchy theme song made the show enjoyable. I remember that you could walk down the hall in the dorm and hear people from almost every room singing along when the show started. MST3K started as a subculture phenomenon among the nerds and geeks that quickly exploded out into the general college population and it served as a way to bring people together that would normally not break from their “Breakfast Club” stereotypes.

        Soon the show became a more widespread hit and the mania was on. Joel left as a starring character and was replaced by Mike Nelson which proved that the formula itself was what made the show so special. Joel remained active in the background as Mike had been before stepping in front of the camera. The show had a family feel to it from the beginning. Sadly, I have never been able to see all of the shows that aired in Minnesota where the show originated on local tv, but the lack of overproduced special effects was what made it wonderful in the first place.

        I am looking forward to having a few beers this evening and watching MST3K with Hal and The Stooges. I predict that a great time will be had by everyone! Welcome back MST3K.

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