Dreamer’s World April 13 2017 – One Last Push Before The Weekend


        Since today is Thursday, I am ready for the weekend to start. Since today is Thursday, I have to wait until Friday at work is over with before I can start the weekend. Just another way to mark the passage of time, but it helps to keep me reasonably sane most of the time.

        Yesterday afternoon Hal and I went out to the new neighborhood to check things out. We stopped and had dinner and also went to the local Target. I found some nice shower heads for the new apartment, Hal found a few items that he wants to pick up, and so we will already have a shopping list for the new apartment once we actually get there. A week from today at noon, I start my vacation, and a week from tomorrow we will get the keys to the new place.

        When we had dinner last night at Red Robin, we were on our way to the car when we spotted a lone goose just strolling along


        We decided to take some pictures, and the goose cooperated


        We watched the goose for a few minutes as it walked around us and occasionally stopped to eat grass. During that time, other people also noticed the site and stopped to get pictures of their own. Thankfully, no one bothered the star of the show too badly and finally Hal and I went on our way. It was a nice distraction from the everyday chaos that we all go through.

        As for today, there will be no such pleasant distractions as far as I know. When I finish work for the day I have to then take Hal to his job, and pick him up late this evening. Once we move, Hal will be working at a location that is much closer to the new place than his current job is to this place. Hopefully this will mean a much shorter trip for me to get him back and forth, but we will see.

        I am getting things together for my weekly meeting that I host and as always there is one person who has not provided their inputs to me. An email requesting their information has been sent without a response, but I will wait a while longer before sending out the presentation for review without their information in order to be professional about this situation. If they have to scramble to talk their way through something without visual aids, that will be their issue to face but I will not call them out in front of everyone at the meeting.

        Once that is over with, my day will thankfully move into some quiet time for research until quitting time. While I am very tired, I will not be able to sleep because of taking Hal to and from work this evening. At least I know that I will be able to spend a quiet evening here at home while he is out and then get to bed late after bringing him home.

        At least tomorrow will be Friday and that is my short day at work. I am ready for the weekend to finally get here and that has special meaning this week because next week my vacation will begin on Thursday at lunchtime. I can hardly wait! It will feel so good to have some time off even if there will be the effort of moving and setting up a new apartment during that time. I have run myself into the ground over the last 6 months and I really need time off. As the last hour at work drained away, I wondered how I made it this far without collapsing.

        It turns out that I took a nap before driving Hal to work this evening. I felt grumpy the entire way there. I will have to go and pick him up around 2130 this evening but I will not take another nap before then.

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